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KnB Midorima Shintaro by UndertakerAShinigami KnB Midorima Shintaro :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 0 0 Aomine Daiki by UndertakerAShinigami Aomine Daiki :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 0 1 Akashi Seijuro ( Fail) by UndertakerAShinigami Akashi Seijuro ( Fail) :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 6 Happy late valentines day! by UndertakerAShinigami Happy late valentines day! :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 2 Pregnant Iza-Iza by UndertakerAShinigami Pregnant Iza-Iza :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 4 2 Shizona by UndertakerAShinigami Shizona :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 3 1 Uke!Izaya by UndertakerAShinigami
Mature content
Uke!Izaya :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 7 2
TsukiXRoppi by UndertakerAShinigami
Mature content
TsukiXRoppi :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 3 0
Psychie by UndertakerAShinigami Psychie :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 4 0 Delic by UndertakerAShinigami Delic :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 2 0 Shizaya by UndertakerAShinigami Shizaya :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 0 ^^ by UndertakerAShinigami ^^ :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 0 0 Vampire by UndertakerAShinigami Vampire :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 0 Blood by UndertakerAShinigami Blood :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 0 OC by UndertakerAShinigami OC :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 2 3 OC by UndertakerAShinigami OC :iconundertakerashinigami:UndertakerAShinigami 1 0
Welcome to my world of art!


Rock Star!Aomine X Groupie!Reader- pop princess.
warnings: -language and slight sexual themes
her/she pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means times has passed in some sense
The roaring blaze of the crowd no longer pumped you up.
It was the same old thing, concert after concert, and you were getting tired. You were no longer that seductive nineteen year old that had Daiki Aomine wrapped around your finger. Now you were just the girl that he went to when another fan or celebrity didn't want to climb into his bed, he'd slink into yours for meaningless sex. Four years full of fame for Aomine later, you were the stereotypical groupie.
You didn't have to buy tickets to the rock star's concerts anymore, you just had to show up and you'd be escorted to the VIP lounge, but it wasn't fun anymore. There was no thrill.
That first concert of his you went to, with a front row ticket and a backstage pass, it felt like a fantasy. And when you locked eyes when Daiki was on stage singing your favorite song of his, lighting struck thr
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 48 2
Grumpy Cat. The LowKey Tsundere of REAL LIFE by AlexanderHamilton51 Grumpy Cat. The LowKey Tsundere of REAL LIFE :iconalexanderhamilton51:AlexanderHamilton51 4 0 Akakuro by nairuru Akakuro :iconnairuru:nairuru 42 5
Cinderella: Prince!Tatsuya Himuro x Reader {AU}
Cinderella: Prince!Tatsuya Himuro x Fem!Reader {AU}
Tagline: What if Cinderella was never found?
Everything was dyed a shade of gray to him. The intricate and delicate crystal chandelier hanging from the ballroom; the long silk carpet running down the halls. Even the small opening to the world he had that was blocked by glass was slowly dulling down.
He used to be jealous of those birds fluttering around the outside garden, almost mocking his lack of freedom. But now he just icily stared from the confinements of the castle as he felt his heart lock away into the darkness deep inside.
The large, grandiose dimensions of the palace were painted a black and white to Prince Tatsuya.
He would wake up, attend his duties as a prince, and then go to sleep. Repeating the same, mundane tasks over and over again. If he wasn’t so far gone already, the slightest bit of excitement might have formed in his chest when something different happened that day.
“His Majesty
:icontheotakupikachu:TheOtakuPikachu 177 42
a cup of smile [coffee shop au!takao kazunari]
For the first time in a while, Takao Kazunari's face was void of any smile. College had proved to be too much for him, not even mocking his precious Shin-chan did anything to lift his spirits up. Piles upon piles of projects, unfinished notes and stained with coffee essays are most of the reason for his current mood swings.
The only consolation the former point guard has was the local coffee shop 5 minutes away from his college. It was small, quaint and not too crowded, but they make the best coffee with a friendly service.
"Yeah i'll take the usual, and keep the change" Takao has his head on his  hands, brushing the strands of hair on his forehead back with large bags under his eyes "You must be a freshman at college huh?" his dark hues were barely open when he looked at the cashier in the eyes. She wore a radiant smile, the one he used to have until a few days ago and a cute blush staining her cheeks. He wasn't sure if her face was red due to him, or due to the exhaustion of run
:iconlegallystupid:legallystupid 90 18
a trophy father | dad!kise ryouta
//dad!kise ryouta x mum!reader
''Wuaahh! You're doing great! Another one for Daddy!''
Shamelessly disrupting your precious anime watching session were the overjoyed exclamations of your husband downstairs. His excited cheers were all too familiar and it wasn't surprising when you caught yourself smiling at the situation going on. After all, his bubbly personality was dangerously contagious, in a good way. 
You were about to continue watching the episode, but your husband's encouraging shouts kept you happily distracted as always. 
''Yay! You'll be running around the house before we know it!'' 
The feeling of your heart swelling with love the moment you heard your little boy's giggles resonate through the house, had you throwing your blanket and laptop aside, getting out of your bed and walking down to the living room without a second thought. The sight you were met with was everything you'd gladly watch for hours in a row, considering the fact you've had be
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 253 55
Rhythm: Kazunari Takao x Reader {AU}
Rhythm: Street Performer!Kazunari Takao x Reader
Tagline: He got that Super Bass—
Forward. Backward. Down. Twist.
Hearing his own heavy breathing pounding in his ears as his arms cleanly cut through the air, he was tempted to wipe at the sweat that had formed on his face.
Backward. Twist. Forward. Down.
The familiar feeling of the world spinning and changing directions in his vision was cut off as he closed his eyes.
Down. Forward. Twist. Backward.
Focusing all of his strength on the hammering rhythm of his heartbeat, he felt the flow of his footsteps hitting the pavement resonate up through his legs and spread through his torso.
Twist. Down. Backward. Forward.
Crouching down in a quick movement to slam his hand onto the ground, he felt himself suspend midway through the air for a second before his palm came into contact with the burning concrete. He could feel thick waves of heat radiate off his body and fade into the simme
:icontheotakupikachu:TheOtakuPikachu 92 110
I Love You: Daiki Aomine x Reader
I Love You: Daiki Aomine x Fem!Reader
Tagline: Relationship struggles.
Now, Daiki Aomine wasn’t really one for relationships.
They were troublesome to maintain, and the male constantly had to please the female, whether it be with small gestures or words of assurance.
What was the point? They’re all empty actions anyways…
Yet here he was, worrying about his girlfriend.
That’s right; girlfriend.
When the other members of Too’s basketball team heard the news, they couldn’t believe their ears.
Aomine. Aomine, out of all people, got a girlfriend.
Daiki Aomine.
Now, there were many things wrong with that.
First of all, he was in absolutely no condition to handle girls.
Second of all, he was a complete pervert.
Third of all, this boy—this ganguro—was clearly too lazy to say a certain three words.
In situations like these, the third point came into play.
:icontheotakupikachu:TheOtakuPikachu 216 54
The Morning After [Hanamiya Makoto x Reader]
Warnings: Sexual implications, Profanities
The Walk of Shame
the walk out of the place of settlement of the individual of which one had sexual intercourse with esp. a one-night stand[1]
Okay, so maybe having angry hate sex with Hanamiya Makoto wasn't the smartest course of action that could've taken, considering how his sadistic tendencies weren't even over the edge anymore. In fact, you were pretty sure sadism had crash landed face-first at pit of the fucking grand canyon the moment he existed. Thankfully enough, you'd still be able to take pride at the fact that banging Hanamiya would never come across your mind while you’re sober.
But you sure as hell were farthest from the definition of sobriety last night.
Oh god, you could still remember the tremors of terror and panic that raked your system the moment you woke up next to a sleeping Hanamiya. If you hadn't known any better, you would've thought that he looked practically harmless. But you did
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 366 48
Undertaker 4 - Kuroshitsuji by Shi-no-tamashii Undertaker 4 - Kuroshitsuji :iconshi-no-tamashii:Shi-no-tamashii 206 54 The little Red Riding hood and her Wolf by TinYasuo-Cosplay The little Red Riding hood and her Wolf :icontinyasuo-cosplay:TinYasuo-Cosplay 85 9 Kise Ryota - Kaijo Uniform by ShamanRenji Kise Ryota - Kaijo Uniform :iconshamanrenji:ShamanRenji 46 1 Touken Ranbu - Munechika by ShamanRenji Touken Ranbu - Munechika :iconshamanrenji:ShamanRenji 62 5 Seijuro Akashi (Teikou) || Kuroko no Basket by HideakiArtReal Seijuro Akashi (Teikou) || Kuroko no Basket :iconhideakiartreal:HideakiArtReal 93 6 Til death do we part, til the death of this heart by Laswell Til death do we part, til the death of this heart :iconlaswell:Laswell 40 4


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Welcome to my deviantart!
I'm Sophie and I'm from Sweden. I love drawing and cosplay. With my two best friends we have a cosplay group
I hope you all will enjoy my art and cosplays~


Hello everyone!
So I know I haven't been really Active and such. I just made a new deviantart for my cosplays and new stuff and won't update her anymore but if you do want to see more of my work then go add :iconkazuya-cosplay: I hope you will like my work there~!



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